Alcohol Impairs Night Vision

May 3, 2015 | news | 0 comments | Author:

A study has found that consuming alcohol impairs your night vision, by increasing the perception of ‘Halos’ or luminous circles around objects.  The ethanol from alcohol disturbs the outermost layer of the tear film or eye lubricant, causing the evaporation of the aqueous part of the tears.  This means the optical image that the eye produces has deteriorated in quality. We all know that excess alcohol consumption causes delayed reactions, but with our vision also compromised we are even more vulnerable when driving at night.  Already coping with the reduced illumination on the roads, the driver’s perception of visual halos can make it difficult to see pedestrians crossing the road, distinguish road signs or cause the “dazzle” of headlights from oncoming cars to increase.  Yet another reason to think twice before hopping into the drivers seat, after consuming alcohol.