Some of the following symptoms in children and adults may indicate the need for you to have your eyes examined by an optometrist.

  • Headaches, nausea or dizziness after visual concentration
  • Blurred or double vision at any time
  • Cross eyed or turned eyes
  • Blinking or eye rubbing after visual concentration
  • Dislike or difficulty with close up work
  • Short attention span
  • Placing head close to book when reading or writing
  • Frowning while looking at the TV or whiteboard
  • Difficulty reading small print
  • Difficulty adjusting focus between near and far objects

Frederick Swain Optometrists will advise you of the appropriate time between your full eye and vision examinations based on your eye health needs. As our clients are all individual, this time interval does vary depending on the situation, so we contact our clients in writing when their next routine check is due. Changes to your vision and eye health are often quite slow and subtle, and can easily go undetected if not checked regularly. However, as a general guideline you should be seen every 2 years, unless you wear contact lenses, then you need to be examined yearly. However if a problem arises sooner, please make an appointment to see Frederick Swain Optometrists. 835 7265. We are your locally owned, independent Optometrists.
At Frederick Swain Optometrists, our clients are all individual, and as such, needs may vary, and we work closely with each and every one of our clients to make sure these needs are met with enthusiasm and professionalism at all times. For a full eye examination, you should allow at least 45 minutes for us to assess your needs and if you wish to select a frame on the day, you may like to allow longer.
No, we are happy to dispense new glasses or contact lenses if you have a new and current prescription issued by a qualified optometrist. In fact at Frederick Swain Optometrists we very often have clients who have been unable to find a suitable frame elsewhere and are very impressed by our extensive range.
When you purchase new glasses from Frederick Swain Optometrists, it is part of our service to supply you with a complimentary polishing cloth and lens cleaning spray. We will also issue you with a brochure on how to take care of your glasses correctly. However, if you do not have access to spray, simply using warm water and a dish wash liquid is fine. Never dry rub your lenses on your clothing, as the dust particles in your clothing will permanently scratch your lenses, which in turn can cause the breakdown of your coatings.
You can pop in and see us anytime to have your glasses adjusted to fit properly. We will clean and tighten them at the same time. We are also happy to help out with glasses purchased elsewhere. This service is complimentary, with a small charge only required should you need new parts, such as nosepads. Mostly we can do it on the spot, and if there is a wait, it is usually only short. However, you are welcome to phone and make a short appointment at a time that suits.
Often a frame is able to be repaired, requiring only a new part or a small solder. There are many options available and all you need to do is pop in and have your frame assessed. Should a new frame be required, we may be able to source the exact same frame, or it could be possible to put your existing lenses into a new frame which requires your lenses to be reshaped for a small fee.
Yes. You will be charged for your initial contact lens consultation, but our optometrists will work with you using free trial lenses until you both settle on the correct lenses for your needs.
No, they are very different and require different tests. This is because a contact lens sits on your eye whereas a spectacle lens sits away from the eye. So if you have a glasses prescription but want to try contact lenses, please phone us on 835 7265 to make an appointment for a consultation.
No. Aftercare is all complimentary and part of the service at Frederick Swain Optometrists. You will work with our professional team to learn how to insert and remove your lenses and also how to care for your lenses. You will only pay for the consultation and any lenses you wish to order, once you have decided which lenses suit you.
Any patient with sore or red eyes requires prompt intervention. The cause may be sinister and require urgent referral, or the case may be easily managed in the primary care setting, and it is important to be able to differentiate between the two. Referral to the hospital eye department could be helpful but with the huge pressure on outpatient services in many areas it might be worth referring these people to an Optometrist. Optometrists have the knowledge, skills and equipment to comprehensively assess your eye health and visual function. Whether it is sore or red, or just itchy or dry, there is a solution available to remedy the trouble. Your local optometrist can contribute as part of the primary health team by looking after the overall eye care and can also play an important role in ensuring patients with cataracts and any other pathologies receive the most appropriate and timely attention. Frederick Swain Optometrists are the eye health professional you need to see.