In prescription safety eyewear, our focus is on providing, cost effective solutions that eliminate hassles and enhance safety compliance.

We do this by gaining a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements, and then build a well defined program around them using a simplified billing structure, a wide selection of products and well qualified Optometrists. Our service is backed by a New Zealand based company to ensure quality and great customer support.

Our success is based on providing responsive service and continued innovation by investing in people, products and services that deliver consistent results for our customers. We are a privately owned company, so we can maintain a high degree of flexibility and make quick decisions based on changing customer needs. Combined, these two factors are what make Frederick Swain Optometrists unique. No other company in the safety industry can provide the level of service we do to such a wide range of businesses.

Safety eyewear has addressed the changing industry market. We have designed it around the need for a program that is cost-effective and simple to administer, Since its introduction, it has enjoyed success not only among small to medium sized businesses, but even some large companies looking for a better solution to their needs.

We will continue to invest in new concepts and technologies to not only grow our business, but maintain Frederick Swain Optometrists position as the innovation and service leader in the safety industry, while bringing new value to our existing customers.

We provide a fully comprehensive eye examination for a cost of $67, as well as a large selection of safety frames Prescription and non prescription eyewear, all at great quality and affordable prices.