Sunglasses are worn for many reasons and often as a fashion statement, however it should not be forgotten that the actual purpose for high quality sunglasses is to provide full and reliable protection for the eyes against glare and injury due to excessive light or radiation intensity.

Today’s modern lifestyles with their numerous outdoor activities frequently expose the eye to light conditions for which the eyes’ natural mechanisms are not able to fully cope with.

It is not only the skin that suffers from too much sun. The eyes are also at risk and can suffer serious damage if the exposure to UV is excessive. The effects can result in snow blindness, and in the longer term may lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and premature ageing changes in general.

Sunglasses must therefore not just provide good light protection, but also sufficient UV protection. A pair of dark sunglasses does not necessarily protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

There are several high quality options now available from your eyecare professional to assure that you can not only feel good about wearing your sunglasses, but also feel safe that you are protecting your eyes in the best possible way. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the range of prescriptionable fashion sunglass brands now available at Frederick Swain Optometrists, including Maui Jim, Kate Sylvester, Oroton, Morrissey, Sass & Bide, Bolle, O’Neill, Adidas, CAT, Elle and Esprit.