Your child’s eyes are priceless.  As they grow their vision enables them to learn about the world around them.  Once they reach school a large part of their learning will be visual, therefore if their eyesight is impaired in any way their learning will be compromised.

Common Signs Your Child May Have Impaired Vision

Sitting close to the TV

Holding a book abnormally close

Complaining of headaches or sore eyes

Struggling to keep up with school work

Mentioning they have trouble seeing the white/blackboard

They get better vision by closing (switching off) one eye


The majority of young children will have had their routine developmental checks that assesses their eyesight and hearing completed by the time they reach school age.  Even though these checks will pick up possible areas of concern they are not as comprehensive as a full eye examination by a qualified Optometrist.  It is recommended that your child see an Optometrist before they start school for a happy and contented start to school life.